Please call our main office at (516) 294-1338 and use the appropriate extension, below.

Our Call Center can also help you deal with problems: (516) 294-1338 ext. 775

John R. Durso
x 222
Joseph Fontano
x 263
Jack Caffey, Jr.
Executive Vice President
x 326
Monica Cavounis
Administrative Assistant
x 222


  • Member Services Department -extension 776
    • All Fund eligibility questions
    • Member, dependent and beneficiary changes
    • All claims issues
    • All general Plan information and questions
    • Virtually any other Medical inquiry or problem
    • All optical voucher requests
    • All dental issues
  • Prescription Department - extension 223
    • All questions about the prescription plan
    • All prescription eligibility questions
    • Requests for prescription ID cards
  • Pension/COBRA Department - extension 305
    • All Pension questions
    • All COBRA issues

Internal Operations

Elena Dundon
Senior Director of Internal Operations

Contract Administration & Research 

Neil Gonzalvo
Director of Contract Administration & Research 
Mike Pasquaretta
Director of Contract Negotiations
Cindy Lopez x267

Special Projects & Political Affairs

Nikki Kateman
Deputy Director of Politics, Communications & Special Projects


Community Service Division 

Jennifer Lipack
MAP Director

Service Representatives

To Contact a Service Representative Please Call our Call Center at: (516) 294-1338 x775

 Union Representatives

To Contact a Union Representative Please Call our Call Center at: (516) 294-1338 x775

Union Representative Directors

Fallon Ager-Nelson
Director of Field Operations