message from the president

June 1, 2017

As a member of a union, the ability to have a fair, negotiated contract is extremely valuable, and in fact vital, for working people. Realistically, employers do not willingly provide their employees with paid sick time, vacation days, regular wage increases, medical benefits, retirement plans, or job security. Working people have fought for decades to accomplish the benefits that we have today, and unions have played a large role in ensuring that working people continue to get the treatment and benefits that we all deserve on the job.

The value of your membership is worth much more than just what you receive in each paycheck. If you have paid time off and vacation days, the financial benefit equals the total number of vacation hours that you receive times your hourly rate of pay—guaranteed by your contract. In addition to this value, your contract may include medical benefits. Non-union employers may offer a healthcare plan, but workers may be forced to pay upwards of $200 per week for family coverage as many of the workers at non-union shops like Best Market do.

At a time when our rights and benefits are under attack by irresponsible companies, and the future of our Social Security system is becoming less predictable, we must be able to prepare for and depend on personal retirement savings. While you may not see this value on a weekly basis, a retirement plan by the union that you are not obligated to pay into will provide you with the peace of mind you have earned after years of dedication to your place of work.

Without labor unions, we would lose the ability to stand up against injustices including wrongful termination and lack of acknowledgement of the importance of our financial security. We need strong unions to ensure that we will not risk the loss of any or all of these benefits entirely. However, most importantly, we cannot survive without our members. Local 338 needs your continued support and solidarity, as well as your input on how we can service your needs best! You are what keep us strong, and the power of a union is unbreakable with your contributions.

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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