The Union Advantage
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Workers want and deserve a safe and secure workplace with fair work schedules, excellent benefits and the wages they deserve. Unions make this possible for working people.


Better wages make achieving a better life possible for you and your family.


The ability for you and your family to see a doctor is easier because of your union benefits. They also reduce the stress of taking a day off work to take care of a sick child. When it comes to retirement, you can be sure you’ll feel secure and prepared for your future.


Your union contract helps ensure you will have a consistent schedule and fair scheduling practices, helping you spend time with your friends and family or attend classes in your time off!

Exclusive Member Only Discounts

Local 338 members and their families have access to special discounts through their Member Portal account with a wide range of companies including amusement parks, movie theaters, even rental car companies. These discounts even include reduced prices for car services and rates from AT&T Wireless Services! For more information, visit your MyLocal338 account or call the union office at (516) 294-1338.

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Local 338 Members

Why Organize?

When our membership increases, so does our strength as a union. This allows us to negotiate better contracts and better lives for our members and their families. Local 338 is dedicated to organizing non-union companies and improving their wages, benefits and working conditions.

It is no secret that non-union employers have taken advantage of their workers by providing few (if any) benefits and paying wages that are unlivable. Employees are also forced to work in working conditions that are below standard. That is why it is so important to bring union membership to the hardworking men and women who are subject to unfair treatment.

The Value of Union Membership

When you join our union family, it is guaranteed that we’ll negotiate a better life on your behalf. Here are some of the ways we’ll improve the quality of your life as you know it.

Wages Health

Guaranteed wage increases

Quality Health Insurance

Line Line

Did you know that on average, union members earn 26% more than non-union workers? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, that’s an extra $204 per week! Local 338 members are guaranteed wage increases based on the number of hours they work.

Union members are more likely to have quality health insurance. Local 338 members have access to Teladoc and Best Doctors, two free services that are available to help answer any questions or put a patient in touch with a hard-to-reach doctor. Members can fill prescriptions each month at little or no charge, and Local 338 benefit plans pay over $$$ annually.


A Voice on the Job

Holiday and vacation pay


You’re included in the union negotiating process. We want to hear from you when we discuss the terms of your employment and working conditions with your employer. Our services are here to benefit you, so feel free to speak up!

You have days off and vacations that are guaranteed in your union contract, along with specific rates of pay if you work on holidays.
Grievance Seniority

Grievance procedure

Seniority Rights

Line Line
The grievance procedure was negotiated in our contracts to help any employee who feels he or she has been treated unfairly in any way. As a union member, you can’t be disciplined or fired just because your boss doesn’t like you, while those who don’t belong to a union are forced to work “at will.”

Union members have rights and protections that correspond with the number of years they have been working in their field. This means that you cannot be replaced with a younger, less experienced and lower-paid worker when the company is looking to cut costs. You will be protected because of the language in their contract that prevents employers from doing so.    


What is the





Step 1

If a union member feels his or her rights, according to their union contract, have been violated, they should speak to their Union Representative. If a violation did in fact occur, the representative will use the duty of fair representation to solve the issue with the employer.

Step 2

If the representative cannot solve the member’s concern, then a meeting or phone conference with the employer is held in another attempt to solve the issue.

Step 3

If the meeting or phone conference doesn’t solve the issue, then the third step is necessary. This step is arbitration, which is when a neutral arbitrator comes in and hears the case from both union and company representatives and will make the final decision, thus solving the issue.

The Union Difference

Participation in job-provided health insurance


Union members are more likely to have quality health care as part of their employment.

Health Chart



Union workers’ median weekly earnings Nonunion workers’ median weekly earnings

Participation in job-provided health insurance


Union members are more likely to have quality health care as part of their employment.

Benefit Chart

Workers with paid sick leave


Union members are more likely to get the time off they need to recover from an illness or injury, or to care for a loved one.

Sick Chart

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