Make Sure Your Voice is Heard!

Why is the Political Process So Important to Local 338?

In addition to providing representation for our members in their workplaces, we also act as advocates in our local, state and federal government. Many of the decisions that are made in City Hall and at our State Capitol have a direct impact on what happens in the communities and workplaces of Local 338 members. This is why it is essential that we are active participants in both the political and legislative process. Much of our success is owed to supporting candidates and elected officials who truly understand and support the issues that face working men and women. 

Over the years we’ve successfully advocated for:

Over the years we’ve successfully advocated for:
      • Programs to help Local 338 families offset the high costs of child care
      • State funding for wage increases for Local 338 members who work at non-profit agencies
      • Policies that protect immigrant workers
      • Paid Family Leave to support our members who care for loved ones
      • New York’s Medical Cannabis Program to help ailing New Yorkers, while also creating good-paying, union jobs

How Can You Get Involved?

Register to Vote

Voting is the easiest way to ensure that your voice is heard because the outcome of each and every election has a direct impact on you, your family and your coworkers. Equally important is are elections, so your vote really does matter!

Registering to vote is fast and easy. Simply click here to download a voter registration form. Once it’s completed simply mail it or bring it to work with you and give it to your Shop Steward or Union or Funds/Service Representative.

Sign Up for the Local 338 PAC

Over the years, many of your coworkers have invested in our Political Action Committee and made a difference in the lives of their families and fellow workers across New York State. The Local 338 PAC, which is funded completely by voluntary contributions, supports all of our political and advocacy work focused on creating policies, laws, and budgets that directly benefit you, your families, and working people.

Your voluntary contribution to the Local 338 PAC gives you a say in what matters most to you and your family. To join your coworkers in participating in the Local 338 PAC, speak to your Union or Service/Funds Representative or click here to sign up online.  


Throughout the year, there are a number of opportunities to get involved in our political and legislative work. Local 338 regularly attends meetings with elected officials to advocate on issues and for legislation that directly impacts our members. We also participate in get out the vote efforts during special, primary and general elections in support of our endorsed efforts.

If you are interested in learning more about joining us at one of our events, contact our Political Department at 516-294-1338 ext. 1320.

Not Sure If You’re Registered to Vote?

To see if you’re registered to vote, click on the link below based on what State you live in:

New York

New Jersey

Want to Learn More About Your Elected Officials?

To see the elected officials and public service districts in your area, simply click the County you live in, and enter your home address when prompted: 

New York City

Nassau County

Suffolk County

Westchester County

Live in another area of New York State? Click the links below to find your elected officials:

Untied State Congress

New York Senate

New York Assembly