Educational and Scholarship Opportunities

Access to educational opportunities is something Local 338 strongly values. As a member of Local 338 (or dependent of a member), you are eligible for a number of different scholarships and educational programs. Please see below for the full details and note that application deadlines do vary.

Local 338 Scholarship Awards Program

Local 338 Members and their dependents can now apply for The 2022 Local 338 Charities, Inc. Scholarship Awards Program! The Scholarship Committee reviews applications and awards more than 20 scholarships each year. The 2022 Local 338 Charities Inc. Scholarship Awards Program is open to Local 338 Members (or their dependents) who are active members of the Union and have been for at least one (1) year from the date the Short Form Application was due on March 18, 2022. Please note this scholarship program is open to students who are currently enrolled as High School Seniors or currently enrolled in college or trade/vocational school.

The deadline has passed. Please check back late 2022 for the 2023 scholarship.   

UFCW Free College Benefit

All Local 338 members and their families can now earn an accredited degree online through Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) with no out-of-pocket costs for tuition or books. 

Click Here to hear from your fellow member My T Co, about her experience.

There are rolling deadlines throughout the year to apply for upcoming semesters. To learn more about the program, deadlines and begin the application process visit

SUNY Empire State College Partnership

Local 338 is proud to introduce a new benefit available for members through the Empire State College! Our partnership with SUNY Empire State College will provide our members with new, affordable opportunities to pursue higher education and certifications at reduced cost. Local 338 students will be able to apply for a number of different degrees and certifications across a variety of subjects.

 To learn more about the program and how to apply, click here:

UFCW Free Foreign Language Program

Whether it is for travel, work, or just for fun, the UFCW’s free foreign language program makes learning a new language easy. Local 338 members can use this benefit to learn a foreign language for free online and at their own pace. All lessons are self-guided. The program gives members access to online classes to learn Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, and over 70 other different languages, including 20 different ESL courses.
The online classes build on four conversational skills necessary to fully learn a new language: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture.

UFCW Free Foreign Language Program Quarters:
Spring quarter: April 1 – June 30
Summer quarter: July 1 – September 30
Fall quarter: October 1 – December 31
Winter quarter: January 1 – March 31

Seats in this program are still limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Members can apply to as many quarters as they'd like during the enrollment periods. Please visit to view when the next enrollment period is open. There will be no waitlist—please apply as soon as enrollment opens!

Union Plus Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

Union Plus has partnered with Central State University (CSU) to offer union members and their families the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree online for little to no cost! The most you will pay is $4,500 per year, and for many, it will be significantly less or even zero. If you or your family member have an associate degree or have completed 60 credit hours in the intended major, you can enroll in Business Management or Teacher Education. The bachelor's degree completion is available to union members and retirees, as well as their spouses, children or stepchildren, grandchildren or step-grandchildren, domestic partners and financial dependents.

Class enrollment occurs on a rolling basis so check the link below for updates on when they begin. Click Here to sign up today!  

Local 338 Scholarship at Suffolk County Community College

Two new scholarship opportunities are now available for Local 338 members and their dependents at Suffolk Community College. Students could be eligible for up to $2,000 towards the cost of tuition per semester (the scholarship award is renewable if certain GPA criteria is met).

Local 338 Scholarship for Incoming and Continuing SCC Students Attending Fall 2022. This scholarship has been established for Local 338 members and their dependents who are attending Suffolk County Community College in the Fall 2022 semester.   

To apply for the scholarship for new students, visit:  

To apply for the scholarship for continuing students, visit:

The deadline to apply for both scholarships is August 7, 2022.

*Please note that these scholarships are granted by the Suffolk Community College Foundation.*

Local 338 Scholarship at Nassau Community College

A scholarship opportunity is available for Local 338 members and their dependents who are currently or will be attending Nassau Community College. The award is up to $2,000 for two consecutive semesters (a total of $4,000) as long as the recipient maintains the eligibility criteria. Each year, one award will be granted to an eligible member or dependent. We strongly encourage you to apply as it may help you to reduce the financial burden of your educational expenses!

Please check back in Fall of 2022 for updates on the scholarship. 

*Please be aware that this scholarship is granted by the Nassau Community College Foundation.

RWDSU's Alvin E. Heaps Memorial Scholarship

Local 338 members and their children are eligible to apply for the RWDSU Alvin E. Heaps Scholarship. Scholarship winners will receive financial assistance for one academic year.

The deadline to apply has passed. Please check back for when the next scholarship opens.

UFCW Scholarship Program

As a member of Local 338, you or your unmarried dependent (under the age of 20) are eligible to apply for the UFCW's Scholarship Program. The UFCW will be awarding several scholarships up to $8,000 each!

The deadline to apply for the 2022 scholarship is has passed. Please check back for when the next scholarship opens.

Union Plus Scholarship Award

All Local 338 members and their families are entitled to apply for the Union Plus Scholarship Award to be used towards their college education. Scholarship awards vary from $500 to $4,000 and these one-time cash awards are for study beginning in the fall. However, students may re-apply each year. 
The deadline to apply for the 2022 scholarship has passed. Please check back in the Fall for more information.

Note that when creating your free Union Plus account, you must select the following options:
1. Under Union - "RWDSU (Retail Workers)"
2. Under Local Name - "Local 338"
3. Then select whether you are a "Union Member" or "Dependent."

Island Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Island Federal Credit Union is firmly committed to the families of Long Island. That's why each spring, we award scholarships to high school seniors planning to continue their education. All members who are high school seniors and are pursuing advanced full-time study after graduation are encouraged to apply for an Island Federal Credit Union Scholarship. Awards range from $2,500 to $10,000! 

The deadline for this scholarship has passed. Please check back in the Fall.  

*Note that this scholarship requires applicants to have an account with Island Federal Credit Union, as well as live and/or work in Nassau or Suffolk Counties.*