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Local 338’s mission has, and always will be, to better the lives of working people. Since our formation in 1925, Local 338 has focused on organizing non-union workers across New York, bringing them better working conditions and fair wages. Today, over 90 years since our founding, we are over 13,000 members strong, representing workers in diverse industries, including grocery and traditional retail, pharmacies, cannabis, healthcare, transportation, building and maintenance, as well as non-profit organizations and the public sector.

Labor unions represent some of the core values of our country, and we believe it is our duty to provide a safe workplace with fair working conditions for the people we represent. However, our advocacy isn’t simply limited to the workplace. In fact, we recognize the connection between what happens on the job and in a worker’s home.

As a result, through events like food, toy, coat and school supply drives, we regularly volunteer and give back to the communities we represent. Local 338 champions education, which is why we annually award scholarships to members and their dependents through Local 338 Charities, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization we founded in 2015. We also proudly advocate for all working people through our political and legislative action on the state and local level. In the past, we have been part of campaigns centered on item pricing, wage theft protections and living wage provisions, ensuring that all working people, including those not represented by Local 338, are able to provide for themselves and their families.

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