Grocery Industry

Local 338 members have a variety of roles in local grocery stores and supermarkets; from cashiers to bookkeeping and ensuring that inventory is maintained and stocked to helping customers in the produce department and at deli counters. They also are responsible for food processing and making hot meals served fresh in many grocery stores. Local 338 members also create specialized floral arrangements and baked goods, including decorative cakes.

We proudly represent workers at dozens of stores at companies across New York City, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley, including:
three members in front of a Valentine's day display
Amber Roth, Kenny Russo & Conrad Aquino | Stop & Shop
  • Acme Markets
  • DeCicco & Sons
  • DeCicco Family Markets
  • Gristedes
  • Key Food
  • FoodTown
  • Morton Williams
  • ShopRite
  • Stop & Shop
  • Zabar’s
  • And many other small, specialty and gourmet grocers.
Member posing in a picture in a red jacket and face mask
Li Bao Bao Lew | Stop & Shop
two members standing side by side in a stock room
Jhony Segura | Foodtown
Member looking through a seafood display case for a picture
Elkin Sanchez | DeCicco & Sons
Member putting price tags on items
Max Schiffman | Gristedes
two members standing side by side
Dave Brown & Herbert St.Agathe | Foodtown
two members standing side by side by cash registers
George Parra & Janet Gras | Stop & Shop
three members standing side by side in the frozen food section
Thomas, Costantino & Matthew Mazzella | Stop & Shop
Over the last decade, the grocery industry has changed because of technology and online shopping. Local 338 has made it a priority to ensure that the jobs of members working in this industry are secure. We have fought for legislation, like the Grocery Worker Retention Act in New York City, that requires workers to be rehired if the store they work at is sold to new owners, as well as have advocated for innovative training programs. 

Member standing in front of the bakery department
Covington Lochard | ShopRite
three members at the customer service desk
Efthimios Georgioa, Jason Santos & Ashley Romero | Stop & Shop
member standing at a cash register
Caecilia Susilo | Food Emporium
Member working in the bakery department
Patrice Wynne | Stop & Shop
five members lined up for a group picture
Irma Carballo, Pedrina Aguilar, Maria Aguilar, Jessica Finn & Elizabeth Dyrcz | Stop & Shop
Member picking produce
Vicente Cariño | DeCicco & Sons