Ed Clampitt Lost & Found

Ed Clampitt has been a member of Local 338 for forty-two years working at Stop & Shop in Deer Park. He is also a children’s book author and a part-time Security Guard the Vanderbilt Museum, which is where he uncovered inspiration for his latest book. Patches & Stripes is based on a true story about a boy who had lost his special family-heirloom hat while exploring the wonders of the Vanderbilt Museum. The boy’s hat was passed from generation to generation, collecting patriotic sewn-on patches along the way. The story takes the reader on a beautifully illustrated journey through the Vanderbilt Museum, visiting its most breathtaking rooms and outdoor spaces on the Museum team’s search for the missing hat. Patches & Stripes is written in poetic prose, granting the reader and audience a wistful rhythm while turning the pages to discover the wonders of the Museum. Mr. Clampitt’s story offers a playful journey through the magic of the Vanderbilt Museum sprinkled with a tale of a son’s attachment to his family’s priceless heirloom. Mr. Clampitt is no stranger when it comes to publishing a book. He knew full well the difficult path publishing takes from start-to-finish through writing numerous other children’s books. Finally, after two and a half years of editing and revising, Patches & Stripes became ready to publish. After selling a few hundred books, Edward decided to donate all of the proceeds to the Vanderbilt Museum. His tremendous generosity is inspired by his belief in karma, hoping that this project would be a bright light in the life of his readers in an otherwise turbulent time. Ed has two sons whom he hopes to bestow a strong moral character. Mr. Clampitt believes creating a better world begins with children, teaching them to first be kind and compassionate. In coordination with the local Police Department, Edward created the “Teen Dawg” program which visits schools to provide fun and uplifting presentations to elementary school kids around the concepts of respect, character and ethics. Around his work as an essential worker, Edwards says, “this pandemic has been surreal. I’ve never been comfortable being called a hero; I’m just doing my job. It’s important to be humble while serving your community. I work hard to provide necessities to my neighbors.” If you’d like a copy of Patches & Stripes, you can pick one up in the gift shop at the Vanderbilt Museum (vanderbiltmuseum.org).