Eileen Snyder Santa Claus, the Essential Worker

Eileen Snyder, who works at Shop & Stop in Massapequa, has been a proud and loyal Local 338 member since 1973 and was recently appointed the Shop Steward for her store. Even prior to taking on her new role, she has worked hard to ensure her fellow members in the shop are given proper representation and hears their concerns and issues with compassion and interest. After hearing that her community’s children needed our help, she felt a moral obligation to let her co-members know of an opportunity to make the world a happier place at the holidays.

Eileen and her husband felt grateful they had the ability to work and care for their community during the pandemic, while so many were without a means of steady income, particularly during the holidays. They thought, how can we give back this holiday season? They decided to donate toys to the John Theissen Children’s Foundation, a Local 338 partner who provides toys and items like school supplies to children in need. As a leader in her store, Eileen felt it would uplift her coworkers’ mood to join in the spirit of giving. So, she rallied the troops and asked her fellow members to chip in whatever they could!

As a result of Eileen’s organizing campaign, she was able to raise $365! With this money, Eileen and her fellow members at the store purchased the most needed toys, such as baby and younger children’s items and older girls’ toys. They filled up dozens of shopping bags worth of toys and donated everything to John Theissen Children’s Foundation. Eileen says, “Felt great to do something for those in need. It’s a warm feeling. Thank god we have our health; we are lucky, and we know the pain of others suffering through COVID. Everyone at the store felt like we needed to give back.” Her message to her fellow members: “Think about what you have and be grateful. If you have time, money, energy, your health – try to give back to someone who’s in need. It’s a great feeling.” It looks like Santa Claus is an essential worker this year too!