A Voice on the Ratification, Bibi Kadir

A Voice on the Ratification, Bibi Kadir On April 12, 2021, Local 338 members working at Stop & Shop went to the union polls to ratify their new union contact. The Local 338 Negotiation Team successfully negotiated for annual wage increases over the term of the contract, increased wage rates for new hires, and ensured that eligible members would continue to receive health and annuity benefits. 

We are proud to say that when the final votes were counted, the newly negotiated Stop & Shop contact was overwhelmingly approved. Local 338 Shop Steward Bibi Kadir, who works at Stop & Shop in East Meadow, volunteered for poll watching duty during the vote. We asked her a few questions to learn more about contracts and getting involved in the ratification process: What is important to have in a contract? Bibi: My perfect contract includes raises and medical insurance, as well as a demonstrative effort to keep workers happy and safe. We need our employers to know we are real people with families who come to our jobs every day and work as hard as we can. What are you excited about in this contract? Bibi: We are getting well-deserved raises, while keeping our health benefits and annuity and we do not have to pay any increases to our health co-premiums. Why should members vote? Bibi: We all need to stay informed so we know what’s available for us. If no one pays attention, then the employers could take advantage of our lack of knowledge. Our union makes sure we stay focused and attentive to any changes in policy and fights any unfair propositions. 

Members need to have a say in our new contract, ratification lets the Union negotiating team and the employer know we either accept or reject the contract being offered. Voting demonstrates our rights as union members, and shows unity, strength and solidarity with our fellow workers. Why did you decide to volunteer to help at the ratification vote? Bibi: I am proud to be a union member. I want to be available for my fellow union brothers and sisters and do my part.