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What is the Local 338 PAC?

The Local 338 Political Action Committee (PAC) is what lets your union effectively fight for the things that matter to us as working men and women. It is funded by voluntary contributions, as little as .25 (25 cents) from Local 338 members. That's less than a cup of coffee, yet every contribution helps in our fight for better lives. It has allowed Local 338 to fight for and acheive:

  • $15 Minimum Wage
  • Paid Family Leave
  • NYC Grocery Worker Retention Act
  • Suffolk County Plastic Bag Bill
  • The Compassionate Care Act
  • An increase in the COLA budget for your brothers and sisters working at IAHD and Community Resources

We support candidates who show their commitment to working men and women and understand the value of the hard work that you put in each and every day. Yet, campaign contributions are not the only way we can make our voice heard in government. PAC money will be used to fund voter registration drives, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities, like mailings, flyers, posters and palm cards. It will help us register your co-members; and it will help us encourage your co-members to vote on Election Day. The PAC allows us to make an even larger impact in elections by increasing our numbers, increasing our strength, and making our voice more powerful.

Why Should Members Contribute?

As representatives of your union, we strive every day to make sure your needs as workers in New York are heard--especially in local and state government. At least one of the policies listed above has positively impacted your life on a personal level, and contributing to PAC fund is what makes that happen! The Local 338 PAC allows union members to have a voice at the table when it comes time to discuss policies that affect your daily life. Since the policies we fight for are specific to Local 338 members' needs, the PAC is funded solely by you, our members. It is a simple way for you to get involved in both your union and to be politically active for a price that's less than a cup of coffee.

Participate in and contribute to the Local 338 PAC, it's your future!

A Strong PAC= A Stronger Union!

Today, unions are at a severe disadvantage in this country. Too many elected officials have a pro-big business and anti-union agenda; fighting against the right of workers to be members of a union. A strong PAC will make it known that our union can make things happen. A strong PAC gives the union the opportunity to shape and craft legislation, such as an increase in the minimum wage, that improve your quality of life directly. That puts our union, and our members, in a powerful position.

The success of the Local 338 PAC is important to the future of your union, and the strength of our union depends upon it!

How much would you spend to protect your job and your family?

Contributions are as little as .25 cents up to a maximum of only $1.90 per week. To sign up, simply call our office or simply speak to your Union Representative.

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