Dave Brown The Neighborhood’s Coach

Local 338 Executive Board Member, Dave Brown, has supported his community in Queens for over 44 years. Joining Local 338 in 1978 as a Waldbaum’s employee, Dave wanted to create more change in his union to benefit of his fellow members. Dave’s Union Representative at the time, John R. Durso, asked if he would be interested in becoming a Shop Steward and look after his fellow members in coordination with Local 338. Dave enthusiastically agreed, and so began his leadership role in our union. As an Executive Board Member and Shop Steward for his fellow Food Universe coworkers, Dave took pleasure in representing Local 338 at Executive Board meetings, rallies, community events and Labor Day Parades, often riding on the Local 338 float. Taking a leadership position opened Dave’s eyes to the passion and struggles of the modern union movement. He enjoys learning about how politics plays an enormous role in the work we do as a union, while doing everything he can to elect pro-worker candidates into office. With Local 338’s direction, Dave has taken classes to improve his knowledge and reach concerning unions. He delights in being part of the behind-the-scenes actions while never forgetting his roots, relaying all the information he is afforded to his fellow members as often as possible. When Dave isn’t supporting his fellow members and community at work, he serves on the board of numerous basketball Youth Organizations and coaches basketball to children throughout New York City. Coaching basketball has given Dave the opportunity to travel all over the country with his team. This has also allowed him to build a strong relationship with his players who are often searching for a strong and moral father-figure to help guide their journey in life. Dave embodies the strength and stability, not only for his players, but for his members as well. Local 338 is fortunate to have such a caring and engaged Shop Steward serving on the Executive Board. Thank you for your service to our union and your community, Dave!